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About Fikat

Fikat is a Swedish start-up based in The Netherlands, Haarlem. Fikat was born early 2021 to make a difference in what materials and ingredients are used in treats and its packaging. Read more about how we do that here. We also want to spread the mindful moment called "fika" that we preferably have daily in Sweden. It's a moment to calm down, enjoy the now and enjoy the small things in life, like a cookie. 

What does Fikat mean?

Fikat is a Swedish word that translates to "the time to enjoy something sweet with someone". It is a social and mindful concept and we preferably do it daily. We believe that this calm moment in worth spreading to The Netherlands and Belgium. 

Meet Fikat

fikat zweeds
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Founder: Sandra

Meet our founder, Sandra!  She is Swedish and have been living in the Netherlands for 5 years. She works on spreading the word of Fikat and our ideal "Future-proof". She started Fikat to bring a truly sustainable product to the gift market!

Baker: Shona

Meet one of our first bakers, Shona! She's Swedish and has been living in the Netherlands for 4 years. She’s studying psychology and loves to bake👩🏻‍🍳 Her favourite thing about Fikat are all the vegan, local and sustainable treats that remind her of her childhood!

Shona Fridh - baker of Fikat
Tamar Vlajic - Baker of Fikat

Baker: Tamara

Meet one of our bakers, Tamara! She's a dutch foodie and cake queen! Her favourite thing about Fikat is its meaning: the moment to sit down and enjoy something sweet! Also, the Go'bitar are delicious and the concept is innovative and sustainable! 🌱

Will you join our team?

We are open to hear about your talents and how you think you could help us as a startup! Get in contact via email:

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