About Fikat

Fikat is a Swedish start-up based in The Netherlands, Utrecht. Fikat was born early 2021 to make a difference in what materials and ingredients are used in cookies and its packaging. Sustainability is the core of Fikat, everything we do, we try to do as sustainable as possible. Read more about how we do that here:

What does Fikat mean?

Fikat is a Swedish word that basically translates to "the time to enjoy something sweet with someone". It is a very social thing and we preferably do it daily. We believe that everyone deserve to have a tasty fika, even if you are vegan or don't want to support plastic packaging. 


Meet Sandra

Hi everyone! My name is Sandra, and I'm the founder of Fikat. I strongly believe that companies can make a huge difference when it comes to environmental and ethical issues, so starting and working in a company like Fikat is a dream come true!

I moved to The Netherlands from Sweden to study graphic design, but I ended up working more with marketing, social media and veganism. Today, I'm working on spreading the word of Fikat and our ideal "Future-proof". It's not about being 100% perfect, it's about wanting to choose for the better option.

I hope that Fikat will inspire people and companies to be more sustainable and open to plant-based foods, for the animals, the planet, and for ourselves.

Will you join our team?

We are currently looking for intern(s) to help us with our marketing, social media, photography and/or videography. Do you have any other skills you would want to share? Contact us and we can have a chat, we are eager to grow and are looking for passionate people who want to do that with us!