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About Fikat

Fikat is a Swedish start-up based in The Netherlands, Utrecht. Fikat was born early 2021 to make a difference in what materials and ingredients are used in cookies/treats and its packaging. Sustainability is the core of Fikat, everything we do, we try to do as sustainable as possible. Read more about how we do that here:

What does Fikat mean?

Fikat is a Swedish word that basically translates to "the time to enjoy something sweet with someone". It is a very social thing and we preferably do it daily. We believe that everyone deserve to have a tasty fika, even if you are vegan or don't want to support plastic packaging. 

Meet Fikat

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Founder: Sandra

Meet our founder, Sandra!  She is Swedish and have been living in the Netherlands for 4 years. She works on spreading the word of Fikat and our ideal "Future-proof". She started Fikat to bring a truly sustainable product to the gift market!

Baker: Shona

Meet one of our first bakers, Shona! She's Swedish and has been living in the Netherlands for 3 years. She’s studying psychology and loves to bake👩🏻‍🍳 Her favourite thing about Fikat are all the vegan, local and sustainable treats that remind her of her childhood!


Baker: Tamara

Meet one of our bakers, Tamara! She's a dutch foodie and cake queen! Her favourite thing about Fikat is its meaning: the moment to sit down and enjoy something sweet! Also, the Go'bitar are delicious and the concept is innovative and sustainable! 🌱

Will you join our team?

We are currently looking for a business partner and someone to help us with our marketing, social media, photography and/or videography or packing orders. Do you have any other skills you would want to share? Contact us and we can have a chat, we are eager to grow and are looking for passionate people who want to do that with us!

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