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  • What does Fikat mean?
    Fikat is a Swedish word that basically translates to "the time to enjoy something sweet with someone". Cute right?
  • What's so special about these Swedish treats?
    These Swedish treats are small and sweet, they are perfect for any occasion! They are based on oats and have a soft consistency. You will feel the raw sugar crystals, which is key for the traditional consistency. You can find normal chocolate balls in basically any cafe in Sweden, but then as bigger balls rolled in coconut or pearl sugar.
  • Why do you call yourself a Swedish company when you are based in The Netherlands?
    Our founder, Sandra, moved to The Netherlands to study but is nevertheless Swedish. The company Fikat is also about Swedish products so calling it a Swedish company feels natural, but we are for sure a bit Dutch as well ;)
  • Can I order if I live outside of The Netherlands?
    Unfortunately, not yet. Since we are very new to the market, we start with The Netherlands, but are for sure planning to ship to the benelux in the future!
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