Why Future-Proof?

We see "Future-Proof" is an ideal, just like vegan and zero-waste. It is not something that can ever be 100%, but it's the want to always strive for the better alternative. We want to spread the Future-Proof message to inspire individuals and companies to make both the small and big changes for future generations and everyone we share this planet with. 

With everything we do, every step of the way, we are trying to be as sustainable as we can. We want to be the company that reflects what the new generation wants; sustainable and ethical.


In the name of sustainability, we believe that eating plant-based will make the biggest impact. Although, we are a vegan company, for the animals. We want to spread love and compassion and would not want to hurt anyone in the process, therefore, all our products are 100% plant-based.


Why do we say that we are a vegan company, but our products are plant-based? There are two reasons for that. One: Veganism is a lifestyle and plant-based is a diet. Food is therefore plant-based and a company could call itself vegan. Second: Putting vegan on a label is scaring non-vegans away and that is the last thing we want. Plant-based is seen as less aggressive since vegan has a bad connotation for a lot of people. 


All our cookies and treats are palm oil free. To avoid food waste, please look, smell and taste before deciding if they are still good to eat, even after "Best before date".

We try to buy locally produced ingredients when possible. Our sugars are made in The Netherlands, our syrup is home-made, our butter is from a small Dutch company, the peanut butter is 100% peanuts, our hazelnuts are organic, and the chocolate is fair trade.


  • Cookie packaging: The glass jar is fully reusable and if it breaks, it's endlessly recyclable. We print our own labels on recycled paper. The glue we use comes in a recycled tube.  

  • Shipping box: To hold the box together, we make our own sticker on recycled paper and a thread that is made out of 100% paper, and you can easily reuse it. The box itself is produced in Utrecht (where our office is as well). To make the glass jars arrive safely, we use recycled paper confetti that you can reuse.



When shipping our cookies, we use DHL and their carbon-neutral services. You can choose yourself if you want the packaged delivered to your door or to the closest DHL point.