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One tree planted per product sold

Trees are the lungs of our earth. By planting one tree per product sold, we hope to both plant as many trees as possible, and to inspire other people and companies to do the same. 

We plant our trees via Tree Nation and you can see here how many we planted so far and the impact of these trees: See our impact and treesOn Tree Nation, you can also plant more trees with us, for free! They have a "Seed game" where you post a "seed", and if your seed gets 100 "water drops" (likes), they will plant a real tree! You can plant your seeds here: Plant trees for free!

Are you wondering why trees are so important? Watch this video to get a short introduction to the climate problem; deforestation:

Trees planted so far:


In the name of sustainability, we believe that eating plant-based will make the biggest impact. We want to spread love and compassion and would not want to hurt anyone in the process, therefore, all our products are 100% plant-based.


All our treats are palm oil free. To avoid food waste, please look, smell and taste before deciding if they are still good to eat, even after "Best before date".

We try to buy locally produced ingredients when possible. Our sugars and oats are made in The Netherlands, our butter is from a small Dutch company, and the chocolate is fair trade.



When shipping our products, we use DHL and their carbon-neutral services. You can choose yourself if you want the packaged delivered to your door or to the closest DHL point.

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