The perfect gift

Fikat offers hand-made Swedish plant-based cookies  and treats in beautiful, reusable glass jars. For each product sold, we plant a tree. That way, you can treat yourself and others without harming our planet or any animals. 


We strive to be future-proof, which does not mean to be perfect, but to do the best we possibly can. We are looking for the most sustainable and ethical solution for every situation. Our cookies and treats are therefore fully plant-based, palm oil free and come in a reusable packaging. We are also packaging all our orders plastic free and with as much recycled material as possible. 


Why Fikat


100% plant-based.

For the environment, our health and the animals. 


All our packaging is plastic-free and we use reusable or recyclable materials as much as possible.


We have a professional kitchen in Utrecht where we bake all our cookies and treats by hand.


One tree per product sold. See more information about all trees we have planted so far here.

Trees planted so far: 684