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En Svensk Pratstund

Interest in a group session? More information and sign up here.

Have you taken some Swedish courses and now just need to practice your speaking skills?


My name is Sandra and I would love to help you! I'm Swedish and have lived in The Netherlands since 2018. I speak Swedish and English fluently and pretty comfortable in Dutch. I know when I learned Dutch the speaking was the hardest part. That's why I want to offer Swedish learners the service of conversation practise. We will speak Swedish together, privately or in a small group online. I am not a Swedish teacher, but my fluency will be able to hear what's right and wrong, if you would want corrections. Besides that, it will be a nice conversation to broaden your vocabulary and get you more confident in speaking.

Price: €20 an hour 

Recommend duration: 1 hour a week 

How: Online video call

Topics: Useful conversations that happen in daily life

Does this sounds like something for you? Send me an email on or send me a message on +31683406493 to set up your first call!

En Svensk pratstund. Speak Swedish with Sandra
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