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Reuse the glass jar

We would be so happy if you would want to reuse our glass jars after enjoying the chocolate balls. There are so many ways to use them, you will be able to find inspiration here and on our Instagram in the future.

Return the glass jar

If you can't or don't want to reuse them yourself, you can send them back to us (minimum 5 jars). You can return the glass jars to us and receive a €0.5 discount (per jar) on your next purchase. We would gladly receive both the jar and the metal lid, so we can sterilize them and reuse them both. Returning your jars is of course free of charge.

Please email us if you want to return your jars, and we will email you the printing label or the QR-code. After receiving that, you can just drop of the uncleaned (we will clean them) and well-packed jars at a DHL point.

Both when we send out our packages and when we have them return, we use DHL and their carbon-neutral services.

Shipping and Returns

We send your package with DHL carbon-neutral services to a DHL point, to your door, to your mailbox if you only order one Sinterkerst Special Box or you can pick it up yourself in Utrecht Terwijde or Utrecht Oudenoord. We will contact you if you choose the pick-up option. You can also contact us if you want to know when you would be able to pick it up before you place your order.


Shipping normally takes 2-9 days. We are currently only shipping within The Netherlands.

If you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact us, and we will find a solution. 

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